Businesses leading the way to economic opportunity for America's workers



Lyft Partners with Guild Education and Becomes First Gig-Economy Company to Provide Access To Education Services to Contractors

Through Guild, Lyft drivers will have access to personalized college advising and tuition discounts for thousands of classes, certificates and degrees from more than 80 online non-profit universities and learning providers. Programs include Bachelor's and Master's degrees, certificates in subjects such as Data Science and HTML, and other skills such as GED, vocational courses, and English-as-a-second-language. Read More


Starbucks College Achievement Plan welcomes its 1,000th graduate

As of this week’s commencement, more than 1,000 Starbucks partners have diplomas in hand and more than 9,000 partners are working toward their degree, thanks to the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. The program, which pays full tuition for all eligible part- and full-time U.S. partners in Arizona State University's online program, began three years ago and celebrated its first graduating class of three partners in May 2015. Read More


Number of GEDWorks Graduates Surpasses 2,000

The program, which helps students complete requirements for their high school equivalency credential at no cost, has a rapidly expanding group of employer sponsors, including KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Walmart, Royal Cup, Scholastic, Sheetz and Southeastern Grocers. Read More


UpSkill America Receives $600,000 Grant from Walmart to Expand Upskilling Programs for Businesses and Opportunities for Frontline Workers

With this grant, UpSkill America will expand its work to equip businesses with tools to educate, train, and develop frontline workers so that these workers can advance in their careers. Read More


Manpower U.S. Offers Career-Focused Degrees, Helping People Learn In-Demand Skills for the Future of Work

In partnership with the University of Phoenix, Manpower U.S. is extending its offerings to help people skill-up for the most in-demand roles in cybersecurity, IT, and healthcare administration. Read More


When filling vacancies, don’t overlook current employees

While the conversation about career opportunities and training benefits must be ongoing, what about employees who stay on the fringe and don't outwardly express an interest in moving up? Jaime Fall, director of UpSkill America at the Aspen Institute says it starts with encouraging all employees to participate in learning on the job. After all, learning new skills can improve performance, and highlight those ripe for a new opportunity. Read More


Chipotle Adds Upskilling to Its Menu

Thanks to its aggressive commitment to employee training and advancement, Chipotle has seen marked increases in retention and internal promotion rates over the last academic year. Read More


Healthcare Leaders Recognize 11 Providers for Developing Frontline Workers

CareerSTAT’s healthcare leaders selected four healthcare employers as 2017 Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions and seven organizations as Emerging Champions. Now in its fourth year, CareerSTAT’s recognition program showcases healthcare organizations making exemplary investments in their frontline workforce. Read More


A Staggering 225,000 People Will Graduate from Walmart University This Year

Walmart's training academies teach employees fundamental retail skills that go beyond stocking shelves and customer service, such as which items are turning a profit and why. The retailer hopes that the training will allow its employees to move up the chain and possibly find a career in management. Read More


Leading the Way: The Role of Companies in Educational Access

Education is the true game changer in helping employees succeed in the workplace and beyond. U.S. businesses – particularly the very large businesses like McDonald’s – can play a huge and unique role in removing barriers to education. Read More