Businesses leading the way to economic opportunity for America's workers



Norton Healthcare: Integrating Workforce Investments with Business Impact

Recognized by CareerSTAT as a 2014 Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion, Norton Healthcare is a national leader in developing the skills and careers of its frontline workers. Based in Louisville, KY the five-hospital system invests $11 million annually in its 14,000 employees. Read More


Healthcare Leaders Recognize 11 Providers for Developing Frontline Workers

CareerSTAT’s healthcare leaders selected four healthcare employers as 2017 Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions and seven organizations as Emerging Champions. Now in its fourth year, CareerSTAT’s recognition program showcases healthcare organizations making exemplary investments in their frontline workforce. Read More


A Staggering 225,000 People Will Graduate from Walmart University This Year

Walmart's training academies teach employees fundamental retail skills that go beyond stocking shelves and customer service, such as which items are turning a profit and why. The retailer hopes that the training will allow its employees to move up the chain and possibly find a career in management. Read More


Leading the Way: The Role of Companies in Educational Access

Education is the true game changer in helping employees succeed in the workplace and beyond. U.S. businesses – particularly the very large businesses like McDonald’s – can play a huge and unique role in removing barriers to education. Read More


Webinar: Behavioral characteristics of frontline workers: Using soft skills to develop frontline workers

On April 26, join us for the second in a series of webinars by the GED Testing Service that began with the release of their whitepaper Advancing Your Frontline Workforce With Employer-Sponsored Benefits. Read More


Chipotle’s “Degree Built for You”

Chipotle recently partnered with Bellevue University and Guild Education to introduce a Bachelor’s degree in Business for their employees. The program offers classes that fit into a busy restaurant schedule and is designed to help participants grow their careers with Chipotle. Read More


Webinar: Upskilling Your Frontline Workers With Educational Benefits

On March 29, join our friends at Pearson for the first in a free webinar series to explore ideas and best practices for upskilling today’s frontline workforce to improve company success. Read More


How to Design Education for Adults

Many companies implement a tuition reimbursement program with the aim of helping their employees prepare for industry changes and to advance in their careers. But employers are right to wonder if the degrees programs that their employees enroll in will be effective. Read More


Replicating the Tennessee Promise

While many states and cities are still working through the details and funding behind their attempts to create a free community college program, Tennessee has been busy expanding its scholarship. Read More


College-Business Partnerships Can Solve The Higher Education Affordability Crisis

A handful of innovative colleges are teaming up with employers like Starbucks and Chipotle to support working students, lowering college cost, accelerating time to completion and reducing the opportunity cost of going back to school. Read More