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WorkLife Partnership & W.K. Kellogg Foundation Launch Upskill Program for Low-Income Workers

WorkLifePartnershipLogoWorkLife Partnership is expanding to help low-income, underemployed workers develop professionally and access resources to improve the lives of their families. The growth is funded by a two-year grant of nearly $1 million from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan.

WorkLife Partnership’s new Upskill Program is the first of its kind in Colorado and will focus on increasing economic and educational opportunities for workers who receive government assistance. The new Upskill Program will include working with a handful of county governments and five family resource centers across Colorado with the aim to increase family engagement and job quality for these employees. Under the program, Upskill Coaches will provide quality competency-based coaching for underemployed workers and assistance for career pathway infrastructure for businesses.

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